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            Call Us Today! (619) 972-5791

            Proudly serving El Cajon, CA and the surrounding area since 1992

            Proudly serving El Cajon, CA and the surrounding area since 1992

            Our Credentials

            • License ID: 647614 (B-General Building Contractor)

            Additions and Remodels, El Cajon, CA

            Town and Country Construction Company is dedicated to exceeding your every expectation in creating the home or business of your dreams. We are experienced in every phase of construction from design to completion to create your Custom Order Turn Key Homes, Additions, Major Interior & Exterior Renovations, Designer Remodels, to Garage Builds & Custom Deck Systems. You can expect only the finest in design, craftsmanship, materials, & our personalized professional service from design to completion of your project always on time & on budget!

            We Proudly Offer:

            • Residential & Commercial Builder & Home Improvement Contractor
            • Custom Turn Key Homes from design to completion
            • Additions-Room Extensions-Major Renovations-Designer Remodels all Detailed to Perfection!
            • Sun Rooms-Garages-Custom Deck Systems
            • Residential
            • Commercial

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